iNPLANT Funnel

iNPLANT Funnel

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Introducing a new implant funnel that’s simply better. The INPLANT® Funnel was designed by a leading plastic surgeon who set out on a mission to deliver a superior product at an affordable price. By lowering the cost to surgeons and patients, we want to encourage more surgeons to experience funnel-based procedures because it truly is a more efficient and surgeon-friendly process.
  • Easy-Burst Pouch

    Sterile Closed System for Coating Activation by burst pouch.

  • GlideTrack

    GlideTrack makes it easier for insertion through the surgical incision. The patent pending design prevents upside-down implant delivery.

  • Non-Phthalate

    Made without harmful chemicals.

  • Lubricious Coating

    This special coating reduces friction on insertion.

  • Smooth Handling

    Thinner material but equally strong.